Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – AL

Who: The Green Seed (R-Tist, C.O.M.P.L.E.T., DJFX, DJ Jeff C)

Age: Ranging in the Mid 30s

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Recent Projects: Drapetomania (2014)


Songs to check out:

Jude Law (2:34)

Crack Kills (4:45)

Preservation (4:44)


While it would be easy for me to say that The Green Seed is the group for fans of the backpack rap greats and oldheads alike, the truth is, they just makes timeless music. Based out of Birmingham, they could easily be at place performing with A Tribe Called Quest just as much as Outkast or Cunninglynguists. That’s not to say that this group doesn’t have their own sound, combining an east-coast style of rap with their southern roots to make music where it is often hard to real complaints.


To expand on this, they are an incredibly refreshing group to listen to. They especially excel in the more mellow style of rap, often sampling soulful singing with slow, intentional lyrics to create very thoughtful tracks. They produce on a longer schedule do they can make sure to cover any loose ends, and it shows. One of the common things I saw when going through their music was that, while some people didn’t love TGS, I couldn’t really find anyone with specific faults with their music, and while rap purists may find a special place in their heart for The Green Seed, anyone can enjoy the great chemistry they have together.

The Green Seed is a little older than most of the other rappers included in this list, which one might guess from the sound of some of their songs. R-tist, the lead emcee and producer for the group said that this is soon to change. In the interview I had with him, he went on to detail the group’s influences, the direction they look to take, and what trying to make music and living and Birmingham is like for them. You can read that transcript in the link below.

Interview with The Green Seed’s R-tist


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