Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – AK

Who: Keezy from Sky Division

Age: 23

Location: Anchorage, Alaska/Seattle, Washington

Recent Projects: Scorpio (2016)


Songs to check out:

LGC (3:40)

Situation ft. Muldoon Manny (3:13)

Get This Cash (4:00)

Fill in the Blank ft. Josh Boots & Sk8God (3:54)


Hailing originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Keezy is working to be the first from Alaska to do it big. His drive is clear, with a big portfolio and a wild diverse song selection, Keezy shows that he is capable of creating any type of music. While his collaborative album with fellow SkyDiv member Sk8God, Departure To, is arguably his most complete work, Keezy shows he can continually string together strong songs to produce tapes like Houston style Burn-Notice or his recent R&B rooted release Scorpio.

Anyone who has seen 907’s Own should have seen Keezy’s thirst for success coming, where he talks about how he’d be willing to literally go for broke to achieve his dreams. Along the way he’s picked up skills as a solid producer, continued to sharpen his lyricism, and created a rap group, Sky Division. He recently moved to the Seattle area to try to grow his brand and improve his music, and his recent experimentation with different sounds attests to that.


One of the most notable things about Keezy is how flexible he is and how productive of a feature he is on songs. Take the song Very True ft. Zay Wonder where Keezy shows how he can flip his current style to fit any beat or rapper thrown his way. Expect big things from Keezy as he continues to grow and develop his style.

In my interview with Keezy, he told me more about where he expects to go to, what being an aspiring rapper in Alaska is like, and his experience in founding his rap group Sky Division. You can read about it below.

Interview with Keezy


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