Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – AZ

Who: Sincerely Collins

Age: 26

Location: Phoenix, Arizona/ Los Angeles, California

Recent Projects: The Legend of  the Phoenix (2016)

Songs to Check out:

Red Coat (4:05)

Limelight ft. Troy Ave, Roscoe Dash, Reo Cragun (4:16)

Possible (3:47)

Midas Touch ft Socorro La Roux, Miny (6:07)

Light Work ft Rittz, Jarren Benton (4:57)


Sincerely Collins has already established his name as a rapper to watch in the southwest. Comfortable in his message, Collins seems to be able to unconsciously produce consistent, high quality work. From his hungry sound in Destroyer to his hopeful lyrics over production reminiscent of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on his most recent album The Legend of the Phoenix, Collins shows why he deserves the recognition he has gotten.


Listening to Sincerely’s discography shows that he is an excellent producer; his use of pianos and soulful vocals create beautiful songs. In The Legend of the Phoenix, his production mixes well with his candid and personal autobiography to make listening to his music an experience rather than just an action. His execution is very well thought out, to the point where you could determine the tone and general content of a song strictly off of the instrumentals.

The best part about Collins’ work is that every song is unique; he doesn’t allow any track to be forgettable. His memorable style, superb production, and thoughtful messages all play into what is ultimately a great portfolio of work. Collins spoke on his message and inspiration, the process of moving up in the rap business, and what his success means to him in the interview below.

Interview with Sincerely Collins


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