Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – MA

Who: Michael Christmas

Age: 21/22

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Recent Projects: Fudge (2016)


Songs to Check out:

All Points South ft. D.R.A.M. (3:17)

Paranoid (4:22)

Grab Her Hand ft Mac Miller (4:33)

Home ft Royal (3:14)


Michael Christmas is pretty much if Malcolm from Dope grew up and made music. Rhymes about watching Empire on Netflix or eating hot pockets over upbeat production, it seems like Christmas wasn’t too far off when he said he feels like Michael Cera. He’s often lauded as being sort of an “everyman rapper”, talking about everyday problems and relatable issues, but manages to do so while also not reaching the comedy rap corniness of Lil Dicky.


Christmas shows a lot of flexibility in his range, but at the same time shows that he still has a little bit more development to do to find his own sound. The ride through his discography is worth the disconnects between subgenres however, as he continues to perform well through many different styles. One thing that seems to live on throughout his works is the evidence of growing up in the 90s; you’ll never be far from digital sounds or video game OST samples and lyrical references to that decade when listening.

To sum up Michael Christmas would be a difficult task just due to the amount of experimenting he is still doing with his own music, so it is really best to just give him a listen yourself. He is already doing great in his hometown of Boston and seems to be looking at potential national recognition, with this post being one of many recognizing him as a national up and comer. It couldn’t happen to a more likeable guy either.


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