Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – WI

Who: Trapo

Age: 18

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Recent Projects: ShadeTrees (2016)

She (2016)


Songs to Check out:

Riot (3:08)

She Moved On (3:12)

Cards and Conversation (2:41)

Say it if you mean that (2:07)

Special ft. TheMIND (3:38)


Trapo is already rapidly gaining exposure on the national level, and for good reason. He’s a master of vocal quality and brings that skill to every song he’s on. Rapping with a grimy, deep voice, he’ll surprise listeners with how smooth he sounds over his experimental beats. His sound has matured vastly in She from where it was a year ago in Black Beverly Hills, and he has shown improvement again with release of his new tape ShadeTrees.


One of the things Trapo does best, as mentioned in /u/WakeFlockaGeese’s post, is switch between rapping and singing so effortlessly. In a new loosie of his, Say it if you mean it, he essentially lives in that state between singing and rapping and does it effortlessly. Nothing seems forced for him, and he uses his voice to convey his real emotion and tone on the song in a way that his production and lyrics couldn’t. That’s not to say that his production or lyricism is poor, but that his vocal control adds a depth to his already impressive music to create a special quality that isn’t easily captured otherwise.

Trapo’s music is more on the experimental side of things, using a lot of noise and reverb for an added grittiness to his music, often contrasting with ethereal sounding backing, again seen in his piece Say it if you mean it. One thing listeners can be sure of, however, is that he’s going to sell out on every song. Going back to the vocal quality aspect, he’s able to control how he sounds on a beat so well, able to pack a serious punch on songs where it needs it, and able to dial it back when necessary. Take another loose song recently released from Trapo, Average Freestyle, and compare it to his recent single, Beg ft. Skizzy Mars. He commands a presence on his songs that they require, and will never leave anybody disappointed with his presence on a song.

In the interview I had with Trapo we talked about Mick Jenkins, his thoughts on the current state of the rap game, and his upcoming tours (NYC, Chicago, and Madison, you’re up). Listen to the interview below.

Interview with Trapo


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