Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – FL

Who: Chester Watson

Age: 19

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Recent Projects: Past Cloaks (2016)


Songs to Check out:

Spliffs ft. Bobby Raps (1:59)

Pharaoh (1:36)

Phantom (2:15)


Much like Bishop Nehru, Chester Watson is another rapper who has clearly garnered some of his influence from Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM. More than some really, to the point where a lot of times it sounds like you could pitch shift both of their songs a little bit and you wouldn’t be able to tell who was who. Jazzy, classic beats, monotone voice, audible haze over the bars – Chester has it all for the lovers of the aforementioned arists.


Chester does manage to separate himself from the previous artists, however. There is no Hollywood in his songs, a lot of times it feels like Watson really may just be making music to express himself, with no interest in the fame or buzz around it. He speaks his personal story, and due to his methods, makes it seem like he’s really just telling you a story – his song Phantom is a great example of this.

The majority of his music is perfect for nighttime driving or lighting up on a Saturday morning, both of which, as you can tell from his music, Watson does often. Classically produced, hazy sounding, and lyrically dense are the words I’d used to describe Watson’s music. Which is funny actually, because according to him, he gets much more interest from foreign countries than domestic. Regardless, Chester is another artist with a lot of promise and a scene of extremely talented people backing him, so expect more great music on the way.


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