Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – MD

Who: K.A.A.N. (Knowledge Above All Nonsense)

Age: 25

Location: Columbia, Maryland

Recent Projects: Uncommon Knowledge (2016)

K.A.A.N. x Genshin (2016)

Eclectic Audio (2016)

K.A.A.N. x Sgull (2016)


Songs to Check Out:

Kaancepts (4:18)

Phoenix (3:00)

Flowers (2:56)

The OJs (3:16)

“When the fuck does this guy breathe?” is probably the first thing that’s going to come into your head when you hear K.A.A.N. He’s already making serious moves in the underground scene (sort by Top in /r/backpacker and you’ll see), for pretty good reason. What he lacks in general mainstream appeal, he makes up for in ridiculous lyrics ability and lung capacity. Taking the nod from Polygraph I tried to sparse through K.A.A.N.’s first 25k lyrics to see where his vocabulary was. I got him clocked in between 5600 and 6000 unique words (he only had about 22000 lyrics available online at the time), putting him comfortably in the upper echelon of rappers.


Most of K.A.A.N.’s music is about his mental instability, and how music provides him a bit of a constant in his life. He’s brutally honest and very candid, which is both refreshing and exhausting. You know those scenes in movies where someone is getting the hell beat out of them and there’s a storm outside or whatever and the ass whooping this guy is getting is getting illuminated every second or two and he just keeps looking like he’s in worse and worse shape? Like in the same style of that damn ninja cat video? That’s the image that K.A.A.N.’s music imparts on the listener. You can do nothing but be impressed by his lyrical ability and flow, but his songs provide a cathartic experience whether you want it to or not.

Regardless of the subject of his music, K.A.A.N. produces some incredible music, and is definitely worth checking out. He creates music at a very impressive rate too, so you won’t be finding yourself getting bored with him either. He’s, in my personal opinion, one of the most impressive rappers on this list, and is definitely worth at least a look. Just don’t expect many hooks or accurate transcriptions of his lyrics online.

I had the opportunity to interview K.A.A.N. and ask about what he does outside of rap, his work ethic, and the origin of his name. You can read it below.

My Interview with K.A.A.N.


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