Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – NY

Who: Bishop Nehru

Age: 20

Location: Nanuet, New York

Recent Projects: MAGIC: 19 (2016)


Songs to Check out:

You Stressing (3:16)

OM ft MF DOOM (3:01)

Fickle Mind$ (3:40)


Bishop Nehru is a name that is already well known in many rap circles, especially in those backpacking groups. He’s already worked with legends like MF Doom (NehruvianDOOM) and Nas and opened up for Wu-Tang Clan on tour. His ability and artistic direction have been recognized by some of the best, but he’s still waiting on the public to come to the same realization.


Bishop definitely has his own style that fits in well with the aforementioned partners of his, which may be unfortunate for him. The tone of his portfolio suggests he’ll be another artist in the annals of underground hip-hop without major commercial success. But the first part of that sentence is not to be overlooked, Nehru creates some amazing tracks, and his rapping can remind many of some of Denzel Curry’s more relaxed tracks mixed with the calm control of a song of Earl Sweatshirt. He’s impressive on every track, and you’ll see parallels between him and other young rapper A-F-R-O on many of his songs.

It’s not often you’ll see a very upbeat song from Bishop but that’s ok, because he definitely lives in the darker side of music. He can still do well on a happier track (e.g. Highs and Lows), but he as a whole gravitates to the “Golden Era” of rap. As a whole, Bishop creates lyrically sound, complicated music that makes his work as much art as entertainment. With the amount of support he’s gotten from some of the best to ever touch the mic, I’m sure he’ll have a few classics in store.


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