Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – WA

Who: Dave B

Age: 24

Location: Seattle, Washington

Recent Projects: Tomorrow (2016)


Songs to Check Out:

Right Here (3:24)

Outside (2:54)

Got It From (3:01)

Olive Oil (3:36)


Dave B is the real deal. Another artist coming from Seattle, I’m starting to think that it’s going to be the next city on the map for hip-hop. Dave was recommended to me as encapsulating the “Northwest sound, if there is one”, and I’d agree with that. Having the hazy, jazzy, relaxed vibes that you would expect from a Seattlelite (or PDXer, NorCal resident, etc), Dave B raps over some very trans-like beats to produce some perfect music for lighting up or chilling out.


Dave is an artist I truly believe will have great success in the coming months. He’s not encapsulated by his success or angered that he doesn’t have more of it. He’s not just making all the music he can without any particular direction. He’s an artist who is already established in his style and sound, and feels comfortable enough to branch out. The majority of his music will sound like he’s rapping over a backing track that Odesza would use. His most recent project, Tomorrow, had him working with Seattle producer Sango. To those who don’t know Sango, I highly encourage you look into this project and the work that Sango has done. The two WA residents work phenomenally together to produce a really high quality album.

There’s not a ton else to say about Dave B, his discography really speaks for itself. His lyrics aren’t anything crazy or wildly inspiring or really all that far above average to be honest, but his sound is pretty cohesive and it doesn’t detract from his music. He’s already making it pretty big in the Seattle area, so expect him to launch onto a bigger scene in the next year.


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