Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – AR

Who: Goon Des Garcons

Age: 23

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Recent Projects: FORTHETIMEBEING EP (2016)

Songs to Check Out:

L.A.W.W.D. (4:22)


Dirt (3:45)

April 18th (2:43)


Aw shit, another artist with a sound that I have no clue who to compare him too. GDG is out of Little Rock and gives a lot of love to his city. He just finished up touring for the year and should be releasing a new project, AINTNOWAYINHELL coming soon. If you’re looking for aggressive music over hard hitting beats, look no further, because GDG is your man. If you thought Yeezus was Kanye’s best, this is for you.


Like I said, GDG makes some aggressive-ass music. Gritty, booming, whatever you want to call it, he’s making a name for himself, and his crew, Young Gods of America, because of it. A lot of bass, distortion on the vocals, metal guitar, none of that is out of place in his music. Everything GDG is this way though, which means he doesn’t always fit the beat like in “Ohakune Freestyle” ft. Tan the Terrible and Too’Onpoint. Fortunately, GDG still finds ways to try new things, and you’ll see his older music, like “April 18th” will be different from his newer stuff off FTTB like “Dirt”. To get a better idea of what I mean, check them out.

In terms of quality, the production and mixing on his songs is excellent, especially from an artist in an area without a ton of resources to reach out to. The same for his music videos, and just about everything else the man puts out. Regardless of if you fuck with it or not, he puts a ton of work in and as a result comes out with some pretty polished results.

Last thing I have to say that I really like about GDG is that he and his crew really seem to just be having a lot of fun with everything. Take a look at his insta or music videos and you’ll see, the man just seems to really be enjoying what he’s doing – his shows look crazy and he seems to have a smile on his face anytime behind the scenes is shown. A lot of artists trying to come up seem to be so focused on grinding that they never look like they’re having fun, so I thought it was cool to see GDG really enjoying himself. Regardless of the success of ANWIH, you can bet 2017 will be another fun year for Young Gods of America.


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