Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – CO

Who: Trev Rich

Age: 26

Location: Denver, Colorado

Recent Projects: To Make A Long Story Short (2016)

Songs to Check Out:

Payback (4:00)

They Say (5:36)

High Beams (2:15)

All the Way Up (3:07)


Denver is called the mile high city but Trev Rich (formerly known as “Rockie”) has sights set a bit further up than that. Recently signed to Cash Money records, Trev has a lot of talent surrounding him that can help him make some major moves in the next year. While Birdman is sure to fuck him up somehow in the future, he’s got his first Cash Money record in the pipeline, and you can expect big things.


Trev is pretty similar to Sincerely Collins in a lot of ways, a lot of songs are about coming up or struggling, and his hunger for success is definitely present in a lot of his music. He keeps a pretty uplifting message in his music. Now I will say, if you like Trev, I wouldn’t really recommend tunneling through the catacombs of his music, he’s developed a lot in the last year or two, and some of his older music is filled with some wildly corny bars and a less cohesive sound. But, like I said, the man has changed, and the music you see him randomly drop on soundcloud and his most recent EP shows that he’s taken a lot of positive influence from his new company. He’s continued to grow as an artist and I think To Make A Long Story Short is his most cohesive project to date. He’s really improved on his slower tempo songs, picked up some pop sounds, and continues to excel in the quicker songs. You’ll recognize some similarities between the beats and sound of his songs to some other members of Cash Money, and it works well for him – it’s a welcome change.

There’s not an easy way to describe Trev’s sound, as he’s definitely in a rapidly changing period in his music. For those looking for a rapper to compare him too, a lot of his newer music has him sounding like The Game, but he definitely has his own style to it. 2017 could be his year, his new music shows a lot of promise and the support of Cash Money bodes well for the square stater. To Make a Long Story Short just dropped Dec 19th, so we’ll see how things develop from here for the year.


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