Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – MI

Who: ZelooperZ

Age: 21/22

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Recent Projects: Bothic (2016)

Songs to Check Out:

ISBD (3:26)

Plateau (3:10)

Paypal (3:06)

Bothic Bout It (4:16)


This one is for all you Danny Brown fans. ZelooperZ is wild, a lot of his music is in the aggressive, trippy style that Danny is so well known for. The dude is an oddity, and I feel like I can only assume he makes most of his music on either a really good or really bad trip. That being said, it’s a new sound. When it works, it really works. You’ll find unconventional sounds sampled, large changes in pitch of his voice, a lack of hooks, songs that are only hooks, and at times, completely unintelligible lyrics. It’s probably not conventional listening music, but I know some of these have already made rotations into –  and gotten heavy use in – my wild out playlists (looking at you, ISBD, Bothic Bout It, Paypal).


If I could see sounds as colors, I’m pretty sure ZelooperZ shit would be a mixture of those weird ass colors like incarnadine or vermilion or chartreuse. ZelooperZ music is when you’d pause your VCR at a weird time and that green static line would roll through the tv and start glitching out. I know this doesn’t really make a ton of sense to anyone except y’all death grip fans, but it’s probably the most accurate representation of ZelooperZ music. It’s weird, it’s definitely something new, but it produces some absolute bangers sometimes. I really do fuck with this kid. Probably not something to show the people new to rap, but perfect for the veterans of dropping acid.

I don’t know many other ways to say this, but ZelooperZ’s music is an enigma. Listen to it yourself, take a cold shower afterwards, and form your own opinions on it. If you’re looking to look up a new sound, listen to some experimental production, or hear a new dialect of English, why not? I wouldn’t be holding your breath waiting for him to get onto your local radio but I could definitely see this man having a following for sure. 


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