Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – OH

Who: Correy Parks

Age: 27

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Recent Projects: The Road Less Traveled (2016)

Songs to Check Out:

Vibe (4:34)

Rollin (4:34)

On Our Way Ft. Yogi Split (5:08)

Social Networth (4:26)


Parks isn’t Ohio’s biggest rapper out right now but he may be their best. I don’t have a good comparison for Correy because he truly is his own entity, and it seems like just about everything he touches is phenomenal. He’s flexible; you’ll see him flowing with a lighter beat like on “Vibe” and then turn around and kill a grimier beat like on “Rollin”. He can even nail an R&B song like on “Social Networth” and not make me feel like a little bitch for listening to it. The dude has it all.


This flexibility makes it really difficult to describe Correy, but he does have some general common trends. You can tell a funk influence on a lot of beats he picks, there’s some synth sounds mixed with almost a trap-like beat on most songs that contributes to the unique sound. His music as a whole is generally really well mixed, which is something I really wish I had run into more when doing this write-up. Whether it’s the ethereal type sounds he does on his newest “What A Life” Ft. Nana B, or the more “Golden Age of Rap” type beats he does on “Payday”, the song just sounds good. Production really never comes up shorts, and the lyrics never really get corny. There’s not much at all to complain about, but there’s a lot to get excited about.

While, for many artists, the last paragraph on the write-up has been for me to try to voice my opinion as a sort of Nostradamus of up and coming rappers, but I can’t hazard a guess for Correy. The dude has potential to make huge waves, especially with the rise of artists like Anderson Paak recently, and I don’t want to limit my prediction, because he has the skillset to break it. I really can’t speak highly enough about this guy, check him out.


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