Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – OR

Who: Aminé

Age: 22

Location: Portland, Oregon

Recent Projects: Calling Brio (2015)

Songs to Check Out:

Caroline (3:29)

Baba (3:09)

YeYe (3:16)

La Danse (2:02)


Amine is easily the biggest artist on this list, mostly due to the fact that Reo Cragun decided to wipe his soundcloud and is taking his sweet ass time releasing a new project to repopulate. But also in no small part to his overall talent, and the fact that he already hit major mainstream success this summer with “Caroline”.Currently sitting on over 90 million streams Spotify and currently getting hit with major references on white people twitter, and with a live performance on Jimmy Fallon, the dude is definitely not slouching on reaching nationwide popularity. So why is he here? Well, take a look at Dave B and you’ll see, these guys truly make up the Northwest sound.


Amine uses reggae and jazzy vibes seen in other northwestern artists, which mixes well with the overall positive vibe that the area seems to be promoting. Metal drums, clapping, and funky beats are consistent. His rapping style is also reminiscent of Chance The Rapper almost. Every word is it’s own word, he likes to mix a little bit elongated, almost singing words into his song to start or end lines, and he raps with the same excitement as the beats he uses. People who enjoy Chance The Rapper will really appreciate what Amine is creating. This explains “Caroline” blowing up alongside Chance 3 this summer. He creates music that’s fun to dance and rap along with, it is as simple as that.

Like I already said, Amine has already tasted commercial success and has been shown the spotlight. I wouldn’t expect him to leave anytime soon. He’s got an infectious feeling that comes with his moving that gets people moving and smiling. You’ll see his name around a lot, and it’s pronounced “uh-mean-aye”.


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