Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – PA

Who: Kur

Age: 22

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recent Projects: Born Broke, Die Rich (2016) [with Dave Rich]

Songs to Check Out:

Panda Freestyle (2:42)

Never Before Ft. Meek Mill (3:12)

Monster Ft. Coop (2:43)

Half of Chiraq Freestyle (1:55)


Kur is another artist who is already making an image for himself. Meek got him on Flex due to how much he talked him up, and he got featured on XXL, he even recently got signed to e-One Music, so he’s doing decent right now. Oddly enough, almost all of his following is on SoundCloud, however. He only has one song on Spotify and not much in terms of youtube followers. I’m sure that will continue to change as his label works on distribution and advertising.


Kur (pronounced “Core”) is by and large a drill rapper, so it goes without saying that listening to him makes you want to tuck and tell your friends to run it. He’s another very consistent rapper, and he doesn’t divert from this genre that much – exceptions being his “Alone Freestyle” and “Everything I wasn’t” and a handful of others. While he mentions that those off genre music are the ones he really enjoys making the most, he certain excels in songs filled to the brim with threats and energetic lyrics. In that sense, he certainly embraces a lot of what makes Philly rappers popular. Meek and AR-AB have the signature yelling into the mic style with big time production and Kur is no different.

While a lot of people argue whether or not lyrics actually matter in ignorant music, that’s not a conversation that needs to happen with Kur. He’s pretty lyrically sound, while still pushing out great music. Some of his more R&B music is less phenomenal, and hooks definitely aren’t his specialty, but it’s not often he really pushes out anything worth skipping. He’s starting to tone down his drill stuff into a more pop sound resembling Meek Mill’s, so his discography has a good range for anyone as long as they still got hydraulics on their car.


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