Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – SC

Who: Juhovah

Age: 19

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Recent Projects: The Heartbreak (2016)

Songs to Check Out:

She Got It Ft. Tedo (4:30)

No More Temporary (4:45)

Versus Ft. P.s.Juno (3:06)


Juhovah is another Bryson Tiller-esque artist on this list. Sticking more to the R&B side of things than rapping, this Soda City native is working on being the next artist out of the Palmetto State after the late Speaker Knockerz. He’s made appearances on MTV and has made his way onto local radio stations often, especially with “She Got It”. He’s also a true “Certified SC Homegrown” artist, often working with great local producers and artists like P.s.Juno. While he may be split between Columbia and Atlanta, he definitely gives a lot of love to the South Carolina hip-hop scene.


His influences are generally seen pretty clearly in work, and he definitely tends towards the R&B style sound. His music is generally for the girls and he’s not trying to stun anyone with his bars. Not that that’s a problem, since the production and sound on his music is generally pretty excellent. I’d compare him to people like Tory Lanez, PND, and the other singing guys in the game. A lot of reverb and hi hats on his beats, it’s a familiar style and he’s a great addition to the library of any fans of the bigger artists.

I read that Juhovah has only been making music for two or three years, which is crazy for someone at this point in their career. His music is already pretty high quality, and as his resource base continues to grow from added exposure he’ll continue to improve. Expect Juhovah to be seen on some big songs and to be played in some clubs near you in the next year or two, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see P.s.Juno on some big name production credits near you either.


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