Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 -Washington D.C.

Who: Chaz French

Age: 24

Location: Washington D.C. 

Recent Projects: These Things Take Time (2015)

Songs to Check Out:

Ready (3:07)

Whatcha Know (2:55)

No Shade ft. Wale (5:01)


Chaz French reminds me a lot of what I’d expect Bryson Tiller’s music to sound like if he rapped. He’s another artist who has heavy R&B roots, but French actually does a lot of rapping as well, which puts him in that weird Drake cloud of music. What separates Chaz from this group, besides improving with each project he puts out, is his range. He offers up a lot in his newest project, These Things Take Time although he made it pay to listen on SoundCloud which is the ultimate sign of headassery. His song “Questions” is definitely a lot more bassy than a song like “Ready”.


Chaz definitely has a lot of radio appeal and I can see him moving on up in 2017. He already has music with Wale, has been on Hot97 and has had articles written on him on Vibe and Billboard. He, like Sincerely Collins, have been homeless due to trying to chase their dream of rapping on a big stage, and it shows in Chaz’s work ethic and the level that he produces at. It’s rare to find a weak piece from him; when I was going through his discography I noticed there were some songs I liked and some I didn’t, but the quality of all of the songs in terms of production and mixing quality was superb.

Chaz follows a timeline similar to Sincerely Collins, where his project Happy Belated (2015) is much more raw, and These Things Take Time is much more accessible to the normal listener. I’d recommend starting with TTTT and then working backwards, especially if you liked some of Drake’s more recent projects. It doesn’t look like he’s dropped anything since his most recent project, but his instagram hints to new music coming soon, so be on the lookout for moves to be made.


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