Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – CA

Who: KR (KR Radio)


Age: 21

Location: Los Angeles, California

Recent Projects:

It Could Happen (2016)

And It Begins (2016)

Songs to Check Out:

Complicated (3:11)

Play My Shit (3:30)

LOVE 4 YOU (2:21)

Jam (3:13)


I could have done 50 write-ups about Cali individually; it was tough narrowing it down to just one with all of the talent. I ended up deciding on KR, mostly because he’s being sought after by the biggest record labels in the game right now. This makes me think he may be on his way to having a huge 2017. While his popularity probably dipped down about a year ago, I would expect to see a big resurgence soon.


Two years ago KR was quoted as saying that he liked to confuse his fans. That may have been true back then, but KR’s discography is much more consistent in terms of sound now. The songs I chose show the range of his portfolio, but expect much more of his music now to sound like “Complicated”. You can see the influence from people like PND, Jeremih, and Bryson Tiller in his sound, the composition of his music videos, and even his sense of style over the last few years, for better or worse. More melodies and range in singing rather than rapping, a lot of the happy sounds he used to be putting out are gone. Not entirely, obviously, considering the majority of his discography has been made in the last year or so. It’s like his music fell in love at 19 and got it’s heart broken somewhere around 20.

It Could Happen is KR’s debut album, and with the similarity between it and And It Begins, an LP he released earlier in the year, I think he’s begun to really find his lane in hip hop. And it got him a top 20 album on itunes for a little bit. Look out for him in the new year, and there’s some buzz that you’ll see him sporting the owl within the next few months.




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