Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – CT

Who: OnCue


Age: 27

Location: Newington, Connecticut / Brooklyn, New York

Recent Projects:
You Knew All Along (2016)
New New (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


In my ongoing crusade again Chris Webby I have decided to go with OnCue as the artist to watch from 2017, and I feel good about my choice. Looking at OnCue’s new projects for the year (both of which share like 4 common songs so not a ton of music there), his new sound is significantly more marketable, cohesive, and seems to be getting bigger than anything he’s released to this point. Don’t sleep on Connecticut.


First thing that needs to be said about OnCue is that son works steady with JustBlaze which is wild, so you know the production on his music is going to be top notch, easily one of the best on this list. His new sound is really utilizing his voice, which is good because the man can throw around a hook pretty easily. On flow his voice is either lazy or gritty and he switches between them pretty well and easily. Another thing that’s cool about OnCue is that you can tell he draws a lot of influence outside of rap as well. Artists generally say they gained influence from people like rock stars and other musicians, but OnCue is one artist where you can truly hear the sound from other genres in his – occasionally you’ll hear what sounds like almost an indie or Fall Out Boy or Panic At The Disco or whatever else people played back in the early 2000s other than club songs vibe to his music. That is more true for his older music, as his new music is more consistent with the rap roots and utilizing the strong points of other genres in small parts.

The man seems to be getting his just desserts recently too, recently performing at Coachella. He may not currently be the biggest in his state but it’s looking like he’ll take the title soon and judging from the passion he shows for music and his career on social media and interviews, I don’t think he’ll stop at just biggest in his state. He claims he has big plans for 2017 so I’d keep the eyes out for his name and him potentially taking a G-Eazy type role in the future.


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