Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – DE

Who: Caedo



Location: Newport, Delaware

Recent Projects: N/A

Songs to Check Out:

Out The Grave (1:36)

Bobby Flay (2:07)

Stardust (2:30)


Shouts out to whoever from HHH recommended me this guy because you saved this spot from being some real ass dudes coming out of DE. Enter Caedo, the artist who sounds like he listens exclusively to XXXTENTACION and People’s Temple tapes. This man is aggressive and alternative for y’all. This one is probably the most out there artist in this project, but I hope one of y’all is about this man.


You can tell this guy has some faux anger issues too, with son having like 6 songs on spotify and 2 of them are diss tracks to an artist I ain’t ever heard of. I can’t even figure out what this man did to set him off in the first place except maybe call him an XXX wannabe. I’m not mad though, he made some aight shit back, but more importantly his comments on this soundcloud has me fucking dying. Lil Tracy really got those bootygoons after Caedo.

Besides the drama, Caedo is going to have that gritty, industrial style sound familiar to those fans of Death Grips, ZelooperZ, XXX, etc. He also had some brooding sort of music like “Stardust”. Honestly, he really is way more like XXX than he wants to say he is. He’s got a lot of edge to his lyrics and sound and if you hate XXX’s fanbase you probably won’t love this guy’s either. His aesthetic is unsettling as fuck and I think he intentionally dyed his hair to look like the Aurora shooter. All of that is being said to say this: this man is probably gonna be a known entity in 2017. If it isn’t for music, I could see it being for violence of some sort. Regardless, since XXX can’t seem to stay out of trouble, this dude seems like someone to fill the spot. His production is a little weak and doesn’t match the energy of XXX just yet, but as he continues to grow I’m sure he’ll have some better choices of beats. Keep an eye out for the name in 2017.


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