Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – GA

Who: EarthGang (Johnny Venus, Doctur Dot)


Age: Early to Mid 20s

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Recent Projects: Strays With Rabies (2015)

Songs to Check Out:


Keeping the trend of great rap duos out of Atlanta going, in comes EarthGang. Appropriately labeling some of their music as triphop, the gang certain seems like it shares some of the same influences as Flatbush Zombies without being quite as edgy. Their sound is more upbeat or less aggressive or less Meechy Darko than the Zombies, which leads to a more accessible and casual listening experience. The first thing I thought when hearing them that listening to them at Midtown would be a blast, and I’m sure it won’t be long before you see them get their chance there either.


The members of EarthGang are unique ones. Besides the fashion inspiration they provide via their music videos, they both provide their own spin on songs. I think as a whole you’ll see Johnny as the head emcee of the group, strictly due to the time he spends on the mic. Doctur isn’t a slacker though, they both hold their own, which is rare for a rap group. Their music is a mix the classic Atlanta sound, with only the most minor trap influences, and funk music, that has made roots in their music as well. This all combines to create a unique sound that is difficult to communicate, so I encourage you guys to check them out to get a better understanding.

EarthGang has already had a good bit of success as a group, touring with Ab-Soul and later Mac Miller, and just recorded a song with Royce Da 5’9. They also signed with Empire Distribution a while back, and have a crazy in-depth Wikipedia article, which is a true sign of either their success or the commitment of their fandom. This group is in a great position in a great city that loves to come behind their artists, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them start popping up at venues like midtown in the near future and then start rising more and more in popularity in the next year or two as they start releasing music again after touring.


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