Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – IA

Who: Tey Campbell


Age: 23

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Recent Projects: We On Music Pt. 1 (2014)

Songs to Check Out:


While it’s been a minute since Tey released a full project, the man has released music as recently as two months ago so I’m going to include him considering son is talented and Iowa doesn’t seem to be. Brother of the current #3 PG in the 2019 class, Tey is proud to be making moves into the spotlight with his family. His music is certainly heading in the direction of the spotlight too, with Tey picking up more pop-type influences as seen in “Last Man Standing” and “Do What I Gotta Do”, rapping with a style and swagger that almost echoes Drake’s NWTS.


Like I said, Tey’s new music, and by that I mean like the last 3 songs, has taken noticeable influence from the more recent projects of artists like Big Sean, Drake, Bryson Tiller, and J. Cole. The production has improved as well since We On Music, and as a whole Tey’s experimentation with new sounds is working out well in his favor. He shows his range of abilities from his singing on hooks in “El Chapo” to his fast rapping in “PLEASE BREATHE” and channeling everything into a complete song in “Say Woosah”. Heading his #TWOM (The We On movement), Tey will continue to grow as he relocates from Iowa to Vegas to Tennessee and around, he has potential to not only rule a local area but make a name for himself on a major scale.

This all being said, Tey does have a few things he needs to work on before he gets big. First and foremost, he needs to release another project or at least music in general. Some guys get lucky and can release a few songs a year and strike gold with one of them, but Campbell will fair better as he continues to release. Secondly, Tey needs to continue working on his consistency – while nothing he drops is buns or anything, some songs are very noticeably better than others – this problem is less visible in his project We On Music, and has only really become visible as he has continued to experiment. This can be expected when trying new things, so I think as Tey continues to find a spot for himself and release music more, he’ll set the stage for himself in a big way. Lastly, Tey needs to work on distribution or following or marketing or something, the dude is just way too talented to be getting how little exposure he does. His potential is high in my opinion, and I think if he focuses on it coming into 2017, he can make moves.


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