Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – ID

Who: ylti


Age: 22

Location: Boise, Idaho

Recent Projects:
All Bad Things (2016)
Tears (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


Yoooo holy shit I did not see this coming. Ylti is nice coming out of Idaho. One of the few people in this list who doesn’t seem to heavily rep his city (see “Crack”), or is at least salty at the lack of competition and hip hop scene in the area, but the surprises don’t stop there. Dude also made his own light-up shoes, which actually should probably be a little less surprising, but hey, man of many talents.


Ylti raps with a lazy flow over bass-heavy beats and my god does it work together. The production on his music is excellent, with just some work on mixing needing to be done to improve the song. Honestly the dude’s sound is all there, he’s just got to continue to work on his lyricism and consistency – occasionally he’ll seem to lose the flow in the song which is seen more in “No End” and then pick it up later. You’ll have plenty of work from him in the year to see how he grows since he promises minimum of 35 songs and 5 mixtapes in 2017. He references Lil Wayne a lot in his music and his goal is for 2017 to be the year he does a feature for the man so expect him to be bringing his best.

Overall I was way pleasantly surprised with homeboy and am definitely looking forward to what he has coming. You can say you get a G-Eazy vibe from the dude or whatever but realistically he’s another artist who has his own sound without a close mainstream comparison (to my knowledge). He works a lot with the artist Gino Driggs, also from Idaho. It’s worth checking him out too, they work great together and he has a style pretty similar to ylti. [edit: Just talked to ylti, funny enough Gino is his real life brother, shit is really cool seeing them work so much and so well together.] Both of them seem to have big plans for 2017 – I’m not gonna say they’re gonna take the world by storm tomorrow or nothing, but they definitely deserve the artist to watch in 2017 title from Idaho. Son is nice.


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