Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – IL

Who: Warhol.SS

Age: 18

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Recent Projects:
Surprise! EP (2016)
Watch EP (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


This one is for the 21 Savage fans, Warhol.SS is coming out of the windy city and making a good bit of noise. Following in a similar style to Chiraq legend Chief Keef, Warhol follows into that monotone rapping style over hard hitting beats. Having been named to many lists of artists to watch already, and his song “Speed Racer” (go ahead and put it on your NYE playlist) having well over a couple of million views on soundcloud before his account disappeared, I’d expect to start seeing him make some big time features soon.


Warhol spent his senior year in high school in Atlanta, which could explain much of his influences and style, with previously mentioned Artist 21 Savage also coming out of the hottest fucking city on this earth. He also recently performed at SXSW and is dropping music at a constant rate with pretty great consistency. It may be hard to find his portfolio, however, as his soundcloud was recently taken down for some reason. He’s gotten most of his producers to reupload his songs on their account, and you can generally find a copy of just about anything if you look hard enough, but I’d keep an eye out for him to reinstate his page soon.

Warhol is a great find for anyone who is into that style of music, he’s consistent, productive, and accessible. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him start making a bigger name for himself in the next year, especially if he drops another song like “Speed Racer” that has a little more popular appeal to it. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see him move down south or work more with Atlanta artists in the near future, as is pretty vocal about the fact that Atlanta as a whole has a way more friendly environment for artists and also melting your shoes to the sidewalk.


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