Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – KS

Who: AyEl


Age: 22

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Recent Projects: Silver Lining (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


The second artist out of a city on the cusp of being the next big one on the map, Kansas’s artist is out of the KS side of KC. With a voice similar to Kdot’s and a flow similar to some of the bigger artists in the game, he has a good combination going forward to be another headlining artist in his city’s movement. His most recent single shows his versatility and ability to create hooks out of thin air (“Motion” – the hook was freestyled). He may not be a hugely known entity yet, but with his transition into streaming services like Spotify, he’s shown he’s serious about trying to make this dream his reality.


AyEl has a lot of things working in his favor as an artist. He’s got a good voice for the gig, with “Motion” showcasing his ability to emulate the sounds that got songs like “One Dance” to reach the heights they did. He’s great at working hooks and melodies, and he has a pretty decent ear for beats. As I mentioned earlier, his flow is pretty good too; I can’t quite put my finger on who it reminds me of, but it’s familiar for anybody who listens to the biggest artists in the game right now. He does have some areas to improve, mostly his mixing. As a whole it’s great, but there can be a pretty noticeable difference between songs – look at “To/Commitment” mashup on his soundcloud. I’d compare him most to another artist on the list, SpazzyD. He may not have quite the same lyrical ability of Spazzy but also has more of his own unique sound and seems to be more radio ready.

The KU student isn’t the biggest name in KC right now but it wouldn’t surprise me to him up there soon enough. He has the portfolio, talent, flexibility, and willingness to try new things that could put him on the map. His hip-hop and R&B fusion in his music is super accessible and easy to listen to in pretty much any situation. His most recent project, Silver Lining, shows huge strides from the one before, and give a much more clear picture as to what AyEl is capable of. Kansas City seems to have a bustling rap scene, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the year someone breaks through – and it wouldn’t surprise me if that someone is AyEl either.


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