Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – KY

Who: James Lindsay aka JaLin Roze



Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Recent Projects: Same Sky (2017)

Songs to Check Out:

Wanna Shine? ft. Otis Junior (3:22)

Give It Up (4:04)

Rainbows ft. Cicily (3:26)

Rocketeer (3:53)


Wanting to end this project on a good note, I had to go for one of the guys I’m most excited about this year…period. Better than the “alternative” rappers out of KY, James Lindsey (formerly JaLin Roze), has undergone a rebirth as an artist but is continuing to produce excellent music. His recent project, Same Sky, started off the year to a good start, and is not a bad piece at all to attach to his brand new moniker.


If you are a fan of MOTM-era Kid Cudi, Theophilus London, Goldlink, Chiddy Bang, and Lupe Fiasco, this is your man. His production features a decent amount of electronic sounds – I’m not sure if soundcloud auto-picks songs that autoplay but Odesza plays after Lindsey – a good amount of claps and hi-hats, vocal sampling; the production really is similar to Theophilus London’s most recent project Vibes or of Chiddy Bang’s Swelly Express. His execution is stellar on the songs with more fast paced tempos, although occasionally falls slightly short on the slower songs like “8-Ball”. I want to chalk this up to him still shaking some rust off, because this wasn’t present in his older projects.

James Lindsey, at least from what I can tell, seems very connected in the art community in Louisville, gaining massive support from local artists, news stations, and city leaders alike. You can tell that he appreciates all kinds of art and draws similarities of deM atlaS to me in the sort of role he plays in Louisville. His return to music has been welcomed with the warmest of returns, and I think 2017 could put him on a big stage. It would be a shame to not see him catch a feature with a bigger artist this year, because he truly deserves the attention. I look forward to seeing what else he can come up with in 2017, and know Same Sky is one of those albums that’s going to stay in my rotation for a long time.


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