Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – LA

Who: Pell


Age: 24

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana / Jackson, Mississippi

Recent Projects: Limbo (2015)

Songs to Check Out:


First things first, Pell is a cool ass guy. Dude’s soundcloud bio is just “Text me on my cell any time” and his phone number, and he offers free downloads on just about every song on there as well. His music is fun; he seems to really be enjoying the process. Coming out of NOLA but having to relocate due to Katrina, he still loves and reps his original hometown. Most importantly though, he makes some dope music that’s getting love on a pretty big scale with multiple 1,000,000+ plays songs on Spotify alone.


The mantra that has followed Pell around for so long is “If you like Chance and Bino, you’ll like this guy.” To make it clear though, he doesn’t sound like either of these two, he just makes music that people who don’t normally fuck with the hip hop scene heavy can rap/sing/dance with. He’s one of the very accessible artists – he’s performed at SXSW, Lolla, Hangout, and other music festivals. I’d honestly compare him to Cudi before either of those two, and the beats he raps over are pretty similar, just less reliance on singing. If you liked Dave B, this guy will probably be up your alley as well. He’s got a real versatile voice (think a little higher pitched Curren$y, also a NOLA native) and a nice flow that makes it so he can (and does) rap over a big range of beats. Dude has all the talent and portfolio already to continue to grow.

I feel like Pell is included in every list about artists to watch, up until recently. I don’t know if he’s considered to have already made it – so far he’s the only artist on this list I’ve actually seen someone I personally know listen to – but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him grow into a bigger name ala D.R.A.M. in the next year or two. Another guy who will really benefit from the rise in the rising happier, carefree rap scene, Pell is fun to listen to and should probably find his way into a lot of y’alls summer rotation.


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