Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – MO

Who: Rory Fresco


Age: 19

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Recent Projects: Mad World (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


Rory Fresco actually rose to fame in a funny way. Apparently, his song was set to autoplay after Kanye’s “Real Friends” on SoundCloud when it was released, and once everyone heard him, he just caught on Regardless of why he caught on, the world is a better place because of it. Fresco just signed with Epic Records and that’s a good word to describe the moves I see him making in the next year or two.


I spent a long time trying to find an equivalent to Fresco in more mainstream rappers but really struggled. He has a very unique bit about him, where he mixes autotuned and normal voice with club style beats. This isn’t really a genre bending trend at all, artists like Travis Scott and Skeezy Mars do this too – even G-eazy does this occasionally – there’s just a unique quality to Fresco that makes his sound truly his. He doesn’t have a huge portfolio yet, but everything is truly solid. His lower marks probably come in his recent mixtape, Mad World, but even those aren’t low points at all. Throughout the whole time you’ll find synth sounds and adlibs that make up radio and Houston sound now.

Fresco may have been found by a stroke of luck but him continuing to grow has been no accident. He’s an excellent young artist who has a lot of mainstream appeal. Now that he’s on the same record label as artists like Travis, Future, ATCQ, 3 Stacks and more, I expect him to pull some of the names and talent he needs to ascend to the level of Kansas City royalty.


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