Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – MS

Who: SilaS


Age: 29

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

Recent Projects: The Day I Died (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


Another state you wouldn’t really expect a big rap scene to be flourishing but sure enough the south just continues to produce talent. Coming out of Jackson is SilaS, also known as Trey Parker or Silas Stapleton. Currently traveling around on his Gullah Gullah Island Tour, SilaS is starting to reach bigger levels of exposure, and I understand. He’s filling a void left by Childish Gambino created as he’s transitioned through being an artist.


I think the Bino comparison is probably one of the closer artist comparisons on this list. Both in the sound of his voice, the beats they choose, and the content of their songs, SilaS is a pretty easy fit for that hole left over. I don’t see much loss in quality either, with SilaS having been making music for 10 or more years at this point, he knows how to create a great piece of music. I think this is more clear in his most recent project and less so in his loosies. He has done a number of freestyles, which can be seen in his SoundCloud and Youtube, but I think as a whole his project was much more cohesive, consistent, and high quality than the rest of his portfolio. I can understand why he’s so big on doing freestyles, but he’s at his best when he’s the first one on a beat.

Generally keeping honest music and positive vibes in his songs, SilaS is another artist who’s songs can greatly improve a mood – don’t fit him into the D.R.A.M. mold though. SilaS is more than capable of creating some slappers, “Gullah Gullah Island” and “The Wiz” can attest to that. He may not have a huge variety but he fills his lane really well, essentially being the 6th man small forward of hip hop. He’s not an LBJ, he’s probably not going to make you lose your mind around every corner, but he’ll surprise you and give you the listening experience you’d expect from him. GGI put him in a good position to follow it up with something big, and if he does, you can expect to see his name again soon.


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