Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – NC

Who: Deniro Farrar


Age: 27

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Recent Projects:
Red Book, Vol. 1 (2016)
Mind of a Gemini (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


Out of the Queen City is Deniro Farrar, an undeniably honest, conscious rapper. He won’t deny his past and he won’t hide from rapping about current social issues around the country, especially in his newest Black Panther inspired project Red Book, Vol. 1. He’s been able to collaborate with the likes of Flosstradamus and Denzel Curry and is continuing to grow, signing a record deal with VICE and Warner Bros back in 2013. The leader of #CultRap is continuing to grow and gain a bigger following, and his connections with growing artist Denzel Curry bodes well for his future.


Deniro has a deep, raspy voice and a sound reminiscent of Freddie Gibbs in a way. Rapping over chill but hard hitting production, his newer rap is much more about political and social injustice and about Farrar’s new life, coming from a change he made in his own life – Farrar recently cut off smoking and starting eating healthy and working out, which he lends to his new sound pretty heavily. Another major role in this change is the death of his friend and other Charlotte rapper Donkey Cartel two years ago at the hands of an off duty officer, as well as the rise in deaths of unarmed black men from police. Deniro envisions a future where there is a society of equality but has no delusions that it will be easy to achieve, and his frustrations with these grievances that arrive in society is present in his music.

As Deniro continues to rap about “liberating the minds of the people so that we can come together as one and rise up against the crooked government, all evil, and oppression” – I’m sure he won’t run out of material any time soon given the new political environment – look forward to seeing the development of his style further as he continues to polish things up and reach out to bigger resources. His current quality is excellent with goes without saying considering his popularity and resume; be ready for 2017 to be an even bigger year for him.


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