Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – NE

Who: BOTH(sucks) (Scky Rei and INFNTLP)


Age: Mid 20s

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Recent Projects: BOTHSUCKS EP (2015)

Songs to Check Out:


Hardbody. Gritty. Grimy. Not words you’d use to describe Omaha but definitely words you’d use to describe BOTH. These guys are dope and have some outrageous energy and talent propelling them forward. I’ve heard the head emcee, SCKY REI compared to people like R.A. The Rugged Man, Method Man, and A.F.R.O. With a deep voice over some hard hitting production (“New Wave” almost blew out the sub in my car), they’re sure to leave an impression.


I don’t have a ton to say about these guys, strictly because their sound speaks for itself. Give it a shot. Especially the live version of “Drug Abuse” and you’ll get a good idea of what I mean. They deviate a bit from their sound, like in “Airwaves”, but as a whole they produce consistent, high quality, hardbody music. Taking more of a nod from earlier eras of rap, with simplistic lyrics and focusing more on sound, their music isn’t wildly complex. Shit just bangs. I’d really recommend listening to their stuff with something that has a good bass to get the full range out of their music.

BOTH have been making waves in their hometown, being named Omaha artists are the year and performing at pretty much any and all major music festivals around Nebraska. When they were students at UNO, they seemed to be pretty well received by their campus as well, and are now poised to make moves on a bigger scale. Funny enough, they are one of the only artists I’ve seen on this list where most of their Spotify listeners come from the same city they do, showing a real support from their hometown. These guys are special together, and I could see them working in well with a WestsideGunn type. Look for these guys to release a new project and start gaining some real traction in the new year.


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