Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – NJ

Who: RetcH (Retchy P)


Age: 24

Location: Hackensack, New Jersey

Recent Projects: Lean & Neck (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


If you’ve heard the recent news about Heir Gang’s artist Da$h, well, here’s another one of theirs – RetcH. His ability to stay out of prison isn’t much better, recently catch a case for armed robbery, but it looks like he’s currently in the clear, at least until the thing proceeds. Outside of that, RetcH has done work with biggers artists like Action Bronson, Ab Soul, and Vince Staples, showing both his range and the quality of work he’s capable of.


RetcH talks big game in his music and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t believe him. Sounding like a xanned out Schoolboy Q (also heard Roc Marciano comparisons here on reddit), RetcH wasn’t that unbelievable when he randomly claimed he was signed to TDE. However, that wasn’t always the case, RetcH does do more…experimental things with his voice. To understand what I’m talking about, listen to “Fuck Do You Mean”. Son sounds like someone is choking him while he’s trying to rap in those songs. I ain’t even mad about it though because it still goes sort of hard, just gotta suspend your belief in reality while listening to it if you know what his voice really sounds like.

RetcH has already made a pretty solid name for himself, routinely pulling 200k+ plays on Soundcloud and holding down 35000+ monthly listeners on Spotify. It’s not surprising considering the amount he was in the news in 2016 for legal issues and then the TDE thing, as well as his talent. Just like other artists, RetcH has some things he can work on, mostly his hooks; some of them are a little weak, but as a whole he’s another one of the more complete artists on this list. How big his 2017 will be is very up to how his armed robbery case goes for him. If the charges get dropped he has potential to make a big year, and he’s currently touring which might mean some new work is coming out once he’s finished. He could be facing 10-20 years if he gets the book thrown his way so he’ll be a name to look out for.

Just for bonus since I think RetcH is probably guilty as fuck, let’s reminisce on one of the greatest videos ever created. If you don’t follow RetcH on Instagram, you probably should. That shit is wild.


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