Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 -NV

Who: Dizzy Wright


Age: 26

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Recent Projects:
Blaze With Us (2016)
The 702 EP (2016)
Wisdom And Good Vibes (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


This one is probably gonna get some people hot since Dizzy was already a 2013 XXL Freshman, but a good chunk of y’all probably didn’t know that (he was the G Herbo of his class), so I’m rolling with it. To get an idea of who this man sounds like and associates with, understand that he was signed to Hopsin’s label before everyone in homeboy’s life was rendered incapable of dealing with him and the label dissolved this past year. Dizzy stuck with the same manager. Personally I’m seeing this as a good thing because it means he’s able to reinvent his platform and image as an artist, and he started doing that with a tour.


Those of you guys who do remember Dizzy Wright’s cypher in 2013 might also remember that he was in the cypher with Logic, and you might remember that if you weren’t paying attention during the artist switch, you might have had some trouble recognizing that they actually switched. Wright is pretty similar to artists like Logic, Hopsin, SwizZz, even Ab-Soul on the lowest of keys in terms of sound. He is a lot less of a pretentious rapper and often switches between rapping about weed and his life, putting him in that Mac Miller box of topics. Honestly, you’ll probably like this dude too if you like Mac. He’s a pretty solid and accomplished artist, there isn’t a ton I can comment on him to improve, there’s a reason he was featured by double X. However, that being said, he is making a recent trip into the darker trap beats that you’d expect of someone like 2chainz and not Dizzy. It’s not great. He does a lot better on the more mellow beats like “Killem With Kindness”. I don’t think his delivery matches the intensity of the beats and it ends up overpowering him on a lot of songs.

Dizzy may have peaked as it seems a few years ago, but he still has a solid fanbase and seems to be making moves in order to re-establish himself in the game. As a person who pretty much founded Vegas’s rap scene, I would be remiss to exclude him from this list, and he has enough experience and acclaim to be able to crack the formula to make himself big again. I’d look for him to resurge in 2017 back up to his earlier levels.


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