Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – OK

Who: Josh Sallee


Age: 27/28

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Recent Projects: Hush Hush (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


Fans of K.A.A.N. are going to feel pretty good about Josh Sallee, especially since he has worked with K.A.A.N. multiple times in the past. I was debating whether or not to go with Jabee for OKC, but Josh Sallee being on KD’s song pretty much solidified his choice. Even if he is a little bitch and abandoned his city. You know, maybe I shouldn’t have chosen Sallee, but the man was pretty instrumental in building the current rap scene in OKC, so I’ll let it slide.


Sallee is another artist whose bread and butter is rapping outrageously quickly and continuously. He may appeal more to the commercial side of music, however, slowing down for music and having solid hooks more often than his MD counterpart. Take “The Worst” for example, he shows his ability to slow down a little bit, and then continues to delve into faster and more aggressive rapping to convey his frustration as the song continues on. “The Remedy” is an even better example of his ability to slow down, not really picking up the speed until the second third of the song. His music is a great compromise for the people who appreciated K.A.A.N.’s ability but would like something slightly less taxing in terms of focus to listen to. He’s definitely trying out a lot of new sounds, taking the parts of commercially popular music and implementing it in his music in ways that make sense. He’s not a dude who’s out there trying to emulate anyone just in hopes of catching fire, he seems to be genuinely trying to grow himself as an artist.

Josh is one of those guys who seems to really be a big deal in his city’s scene. Most people assumed that Josh was going to be the guy for OKC, and it makes sense considering his impact on the scene. His fast rapping is what seems to be his most popular music, but him experimenting with other sounds has been done really well, and I’d expect him to grow in a more accessible way as other audiences begin to find him. Hush Hush was a great project for him and I expect him to continue his consistent streak to produce some great music.


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