Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – SD

Who: Denham



Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Recent Projects: Streetlight (2016)

Songs to Check Out:


First things first, there’s a surprising amount of people in SD trying to make it as a rapper. For a state of like 30 people you wouldn’t believe how many events they have and how many people actually go to them. That being said, the man of the hours from South Dakota is Denham. On top of bringing back Mr. T’s hairstyle, the man also plays multiple instruments, so expect to see heavy bass guitar influence in his music and a lot of jazz/funk sounds to it.


I’ll be upfront with you guys, I think Denham has a lot of potential, but for right now he struggles a lot with stringing together a full good song. I think a lot of it has to do with the talent around him however, I’ve liked a few songs he’s made a lot until a feature came on and said some of the worst shit I ever heard in my life (see “Face Drop” as an example of the worst shit I ever heard in my life, credit to Ape$hit). While, yeah, that’s on the artist to have the discretion to not let that mouth garbage onto his song, he gets a pass since there’s only so many byways in South Dakota to get exposure. Denham isn’t immune to a case of buns bars but he’s definitely one of the most lyrically consistent in the area.

This all being said, Denham really does have potential. I think it’s seen best in his most recent song “It’s Just Somethin’”, where he shows off his ability to spit over a great jazzy beat, and “Dreamstate” shows that he can work well with features over simpler beats too. His use of electric and bass guitars is awesome too and something you don’t see implemented well a ton in rap, and I like it a lot when he does it. He tries a lot of new things and honestly looks like he’s on his way to a Sincerely Collins type role or ability in the game. He’s hungry, and sometimes that shows through a little too much, but sometimes it pushes him to create some great music. I think he still has some areas to grow in, and I think a lot of the reason it takes a little bit longer for him to develop is due to the lack of critics or mass population into the scene in the area letting him know what’s good.

Like I said, I don’t see Denham blowing up in the next year, but I would be lying if I said the man was useless or something. He’s not even touching the worst on this list at all which is surprising given the state he’s coming from. He’s one of the artists I’m going to be continuing to check into just to see what he can do, because I think he can develop into something really special.


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