Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – UT

Who: James the Mormon


Age: 30

Location: Provo, Utah

Recent Projects:
I’m Not a Rapper (2016)
PMG (2016)

Songs to Check out:


Yo if this isn’t the most regrettable and easily expected name of any artist out of any state. Let me be clean on this write up out of respect for my mans.

James is coming out of one of the biggest LDS cities and states on Eath, so it’s completely expected to see heavy Mormon influence coming out of Utah for this project. That being said, he’s much like Lecrae where he does a great job of making relatively dope music that doesn’t feel like you’re being constantly preached to. Now I’m not going to say I expect this man to come out and put a hurt on that five fingers of death or nothing, but he holds his own pretty well.


If you check out the songs from this guy linked, you’ll see he has a pretty wide range of ability. He works over a couple different styles, and does well over a good bit of them except, oddly, upbeat. At least in my opinion it seems like Treasure is the weakest song on that list. As a whole, the dude is a pretty typical YouTube style rapper. Nothing revolutionary and most importantly not Chris Webby despite your name thinking he might head that way. His album “I’m Not a Rapper” reached number 1 on iTunes a while back and I would expect him to continue growing throughout 2017.

I’d be remiss to not mention House of Lewis on this list, a group actually composing of a solid amount/all of redditors and you might see them popping up around HHH. They seem to get a lot of love out of their city (also Provo) and are an area to look if you’re not about the religious themes of James (one of their emcees’ name was Atheist, now Rhyme Time), and they have a lot more of a “Golden Era” of rap to them. Some of their subjects and lyrics are mad corny but they are getting love from their city and were on America’s Got Talent last season so definitely check them out.


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