Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – VT

Who: Write Brothers (Devon Ewalt and Dante Davinci)


Age: ~35

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Recent Projects: Take Flight (2015)

Songs to Check Out:


These guys I’m a little wary about, but there isn’t a ton of talent coming out of Vermont or a ton of people even interested in getting into the game to be honest, so I’m going with The Write Brothers. The reason I’m wary about these guys isn’t due to a lack of talent but rather a lack of activity for the last 4 or 5 months or so. It looks like they haven’t been active on social media or soundcloud in about that amount of time, so I’m hoping they still are working in order to make moves in the northeast in 2017. This is reasonable though for two brothers who live on opposite sides of the country.


These two brothers form the producer/emcee that makes up Write Brothers. Their production is definitely a strong point of the group, and for anyone who makes music, they put all of their instrumentals and acapellas on SoundCloud. It’s pretty clear they care about the music itself a great deal and are willing to offer up their resources in order to allow other people to make dope music as well.

Their lyrics tend to me on the more intellectual side, less “holier than thou” and more words on classic pieces of art and books. While the delivery is, for lack of a better word, common white rapper delivery, the production is enough to push their music over the hump into a more enjoyable region.

They may not be producing a ton of music lately together, but you can catch the head emcee, Learic, performing with multiple groups around Vermont. Aztext, Lynguistic Civilians, and the Precepts all reach out to this guy and it makes it pretty clear that he’s one of the most well known artists in the area. Whether or not the Write Brothers as a group will continue to grow in 2017 is still yet to be seen, but expect Learic to continue to make a name for himself in the northeast.


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