Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – WV

Who: Lil Swurvie (DaKidQuence)


Age: 24

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Recent Projects: N/A

Songs to Check Out:


Y’all know by name alone that this another one of those artists where you should read this write up with a permanent sigh. This one is for the fans of the new gen artists or whatever, people like Lil Uzi and similar people. That’s not really my lane so I’m not wild on this guy but my roommate fucked with this guy so I’m sticking true to my word of pushing something out there for everyone.


So first things first this man’s worst trait is his lyricism and also the shit he has 12 year olds doing. Yo to be fair though, watching that video I sort of got a little hype so I really see where the fun is in this dude’s music. Son raps over some nice at beats and his delivery is exciting and ignant so I see where his fanbase is coming from for sure. That being said, this man’s music is only used for specific times, this isn’t that casual listening, let me vibe and impress this bitch music. This is music for pregames or parties and it really does rule that zone for the most part. I think Swurvie is going to be one of those Roscoe Da$h types that nobody but the die hard fans are really crawling through sons discography but their hits are a pretty easy pick for turning up.

Now that I’ve had time to listen to his music a little more, I fuck with him as an artist. Not that I super fuck with his music but he hasn’t released a project or anything and is pretty consistent in what he’s trying to do with his music. Despite his hair, he’s not trying to preach to y’all about folding laundry or shit like that, he wants to rap about getting fucked up for you to get fucked up to. I appreciate that. He’s not wasting y’alls time with anything, and his songs have some good ass production for this.

I changed my mind on this man. Lil Swurvie still not really my type but I honest to god might toss some of this shit on my party rotation. I can see why he’s one of the biggest names in WV right now alongside Dreadhead Ced, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he catches a feature from someone a little bigger than him in the next year or two. Son just wants to teach the whole world how to swurve.


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