Rappers to Watch From Every State in 2017 – WY

Who: Y-O



Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Recent Projects: Fear And Loathing In Wyoming (2015)

Songs to Check Out:


Finally a rapper with the nice word play in an artist’s name, Y-O(ming) is the man to watch from Wyoming and arguably the biggest rapper currently repping the state. I was going to do Abstract for this, but I saw he had been opening up for Chris Webby, who y’all know I got a crusade against, so I figured I’d go with Y-O – he couldn’t be a better representation of the state if he tried.


Y’all can take that last sentence as you may, his style is pretty reminiscient of what everyone listened to in high school back in 2008, so a little behind the curve but definitely listenable. Y-O is another artist who has some great production and a really engaging delivery, especially in “Hometown Pt. 2”. He’s pretty vocal about repping his state and you’ll hear WY get shout outs in the majority of songs. Also, now that I’m listening to him, I’m realizing his overall delivery is pretty similar to Dr. Dre but with a higher pitched voice and a little bit more raw. It definitely will sound familiar and you can tell he was influenced by an older generation in rap.

Like many inexperienced artists on the list, Y-O seems to struggle a bit with flow, and occasionally loses the flow or will try to force too many words into a line. He also falls into a rough spot where – and I mean no offense to my guy here – he raps about a ton of shit nobody cares about. I think some of his better songs (Hometown pt. 2, Warning, etc.) he does a good job of avoiding these pitfalls for the most part, and he is going to have to continue to work to avoiding these moving forwards.

Y-O has already made it in his state, and is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest local name. I think he’ll need to continue to develop his sound if he hopes to reach higher heights, but he just had a song with Afroman so I don’t really know what the fuck is going on anymore.


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